A cup of coffee, a plant and a pen with a note which says Self Care isn't Selfish

Self Care is Health Care

Western medicine focuses on care once a disease has already happened in the body. The holistic approach focuses on the whole person, nurturing the body and the mind in a way that supports natural health and healing. This may prevent disease, or support your body in healing once an injury or disease has occurred.

Often times one may feel self-indulgent or extravagant when investing in integrative techniques such as massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, sound healing, or other modalities. All of these modalities can support health and healing.

Meditation, yoga, or time in nature can support our body’s ability to stay healthy and to heal as well.

Sometimes it isn’t the cost, but the time that we don’t give ourselves. Something as simple and inexpensive as an Epsom salt bath or taking time to read an inspirational book or quote (like this post), or even just a few cleansing breathes can reduce stress and promote healing and self-care.

Don’t underestimate the importance or the value of investing in and taking time for self-care. It can be the investment that provides the biggest return you will ever receive in your life.

If you are interested, ReFyne Fitness has a self-care program called the Seasonal Reset. It is a holistic program based on the ancient wisdom teachings of Ayurveda the sister science to Yoga. The program will guide you, support you, and encourage you to take time for yourself with simple daily practices to promote optimal health and wellbeing.

Self Care is the new Health Care

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