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Choose from a Variety of Our Virtual or On-Demand Courses and Programs!

Our programs are tailored to your specific needs. We offer both live and on-demand programs virtually! Whether you need a personal trainer, a yoga class, a coach, a nutrition program, or support with self-care, managing stress, and making the healthiest lifestyle choices, we have programs, coaches, and trainers to support you.

Customized Nutrition Programs
Virtual Live & On-Demand Yoga Studio
Seasonal Reset: Mind-Body-Spirit

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  1. In my medical practice I have had many patients, when needing to lose weight, try every gimmicky, medically unsound diet ever formulated. Based on spurious pseudo-science, these diets never achieve their promise of rapid and sustained weight loss. ReFyne’s customized nutritional recommendations, however, are scientifically sound and based on both known metabolic physiology and pathophysiology. Their advice is medically cogent and also commonsensical.

  2. When I decided to challenge myself to find out what transformation I could achieve in 40 days, I contacted ReFyne Fitness for support. I used both their nutritional recommendations as well as their recommendations for setting up my home gym. Since I am frequently in the media, I went public with my personal challenge and invited others to participate. I followed the plan given to me by my personal nutrition coach at ReFyne and in 40 days I lost 20 pounds of body fat and increased my lean body mass by 3 pounds. In addition, my energy improved, and I felt better!

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